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South Shore Generator Sales & Service Blog - Wareham, MA

Best Marine Generators are Necessary for Avid Boaters - Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 27, 2015

Marine generators have several similarities to other types of portable generators. What makes them different from traditional generators however, is the design of both the outer and inner components. Marine generators are designed to function around water and be efficient in wet environments.

Marine generators in Wareham, MA run on gasoline or diesel fuel and provide the necessary power to your boat in emergency situations. The outer components provide complete protection for the engine protecting it from salt or fresh water. Additionally, the inner components are configured with features that allow a marine generator to handle wet or moist environments. The marine generator purchased for your boat will start even when you are in open water.

The best marine generator for your water craft will be sized according to the number of appliances, tools, and other power equipment that you need to have running on your boat to keep you safe and secure. A marine generator is imperative during strong storms in order to deliver enough electrical power without straining your boat’s battery. This is why it is an important piece of equipment for avid boaters.

To find out more about the best marine generators in Wareham, contact South Shore Generator.

Best Marine Generators Will not Leave You Powerless During Emergencies on Board - Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 20, 2015

Following the boat main engine, the most expensive single piece of equipment aboard is often the marine generator. Purchasing a generator set for use onboard a boat is a practical and important investment. In order to ensure that you have the best marine generator for your boat, making this purchase through an expert who can analyze your requirements carefully is crucial.

When looking for the best marine generators, qualities to look for are reliability, longevity, and the ability to deliver a comfortable ride onboard. Consider the basic and unique requirements of your boat in order to more easily choose a generator that can safely and effectively provide temporary power solutions when an emergency occurs at sea.

Marine generators in Wareham, MA come in different sizes, configurations, and capacities. Regardless of the size of the boat, you can be confident that the right power-generating equipment is available for it at South Shore Generator. For use in normal marine environments or for those harsher conditions where there are heavier currents, you can be confident that the marine generator you purchase will not leave you powerless.

To find out more about best marine generators, contact South Shore Generator.

Kohler Residential Generators Let Homeowners Prepare for Frequent and Severe Power Outages This Winter - Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 13, 2015

Power outages increase in frequency and severity in the winter, especially in Massachusetts where ice and snow storms and accidents cause damage to power lines. This is why it is best to be prepared for any emergency situation. There is no better way to do this than by purchasing the most reliable residential generators in Wareham, MA.

When choosing from the wide array of options in residential power generators, it is important that you select one that is right for the requirements unique to your home. You can consult the experts at South Shore Generator so that you can wisely choose a standby generator that meets your home’s back-up power needs for winter and all year round.

Today many homeowners run their homes with Kohler residential generator when a power outage occurs. They have the enough capacity to power your entire home, or only the chosen appliances and lights that you want to keep running. And because you have a reliable generator in place, you will not experience the inconvenience of a power outage because these generators will immediately kick in when the power from the main electric grid gets knocked out. Once power is restored, the generator will automatically switch off.

To find out more about Kohler Residential Generators, contact South Shore Generator.

Best Commercial Generators Cater to the Specific Needs of Healthcare Facilities - Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 06, 2015

For most commercial applications, lost power means lost revenue. But in healthcare facilities where power failure is not an option because loss of power could mean loss of life, only the most reliable and the best commercial generators should be used for emergency power applications. Back-up generators are installed and configured in healthcare facilities in order to prevent interruption when the power goes out.

Commercial generators in Wareham, MA provide ways to build reliability into a backup power system, from choice of fuel to system configuration. Innovative standby power solutions are strategically developed for virtually every industry including healthcare. It is important that you know the power needs of your facility. Keep the whole establishment running or compile a list of priorities for the most important equipment that your back up generators should power. With a so many options in commercial standby generators to choose from, you can be confident that the right standby power system will be configured for your healthcare facility and you can be assured that it complies with local and state regulations. Standby generators can start automatically when the power goes out and often supply more power than portables.

Regardless of the type of commercial generator you choose, consult an electrician to ensure proper selection and installation. To find out more about your options on the best standby generators for commercial applications, contact South Shore Generator.


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