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Homeowners Stressing About Winter Power Outages More Than Ever

January 3, 2024      

South Shore Generator Sales & Service - Winter Power Outage

With winter in full swing, homeowners across the nation are suffering through seasonal bouts of freezing temperatures, snowstorms and other forms of inclement weather. For many, venturing outside is a challenge in itself. Many homeowners prefer to stay indoors as much as possible in an attempt to avoid slick roads and sidewalks caused by precipitation and the incessant cold. But what happens when life within the home becomes just as miserable?

Throughout the year, heavy snow and strong winds can cause trees or other tall objects to fall onto power lines, causing extended power outages. During the winter months, frigid temperatures can also jeopardize the functionality of our nation’s electromechanical infrastructure. And when local utility services fail, homeowners immediately feel the effects of being without electrical power.

Without a functional heating system, pipes can freeze and burst, causing damage to the home and an unexpected hit to the pocketbook of affected homeowners. Many are also forced to monitor their sump pump for potential flooding while exploring ways to keep their family warm as cold temperatures begin to penetrate the walls of their home. Needless to say, reacting to an outage after it has already occurred can be extremely stressful.

According to a recent study by Generac Power Systems and Kelton Global, 24% of Americans in the United States’ top power outage cities suffer from anxiety at the mere thought of a major storm. Other top emotions noted by individuals who participated in the study conducted by Kelton Global include frustration (19%), dread (17%) and panic (11%).

When asked to specify why threatening weather makes them feel uneasy, most participants explained that loved ones being in potential danger (59%) was of significant concern. A large number of participants also worried that damage to their home may be incurred (48%) and that a power outage might occur in their local area (40%).

To alleviate their concerns, homeowners often seek out answers when extreme weather scenarios interrupt utility service. What caused the power outage to occur? How long until power is restored? Are their loved ones in danger? Questions like these immediately come to mind for most homeowners, but many do not know where to turn for the answers they need. And with phone lines down, cell phones unable to be recharged and desktop computers inoperable answers are hard to come by.

Generac Power Systems’ automatic standby generators provide protection from power outages big and small by continuously monitoring a home’s incoming utility service and starting up within seconds of an outage taking place. Powered by a natural gas or liquid propane fuel source, these backup power solutions can be sized and tailored to backup an entire home or a few essential items when utility failures occur.

With a backup power source in place, homeowner’s never have to worry about their home being cold or pipes freezing. Sump pumps can remain fully operational while lighting, electronics and essential appliances can be used at any time.

To learn more about how you can keep your home powered when local utility power is unavailable, request a quote today from South Shore Generator Sales & Service.

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