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Protecting Your Home Office From A Power Outage

October 17, 2023      

South Shore Generators Sales & Services - Power Outage

With more people to work from home, home power outages have become a real problem for productivity. Beyond that, they've actually proven to be quite costly, too, as outages can lead to lost data, damaged equipment, and more. Read on for tips and tricks on how to protect your home office in case of a power outage.


1. Back up Your Data Regularly.

When your power fails, your files can be lost or corrupted by the sudden outage. Prevent the loss of any critical information by backing up your data regularly.

There are a few different ways to do this. External drives or the Cloud are two ways you can store your information to be accessed in the event of a power failure or system crash. Because there are several options, it’s not a bad idea to have multiple backup methods for your information. You’ll also want to keep at least one copy of your information either off-site or online. That way you’re covered if your home office is ever damaged to the point where a backup kept on-site would be compromised.

As far as back up frequency, you have to decide how much information you can afford to lose in the event of a crash. Some people will opt to back up in real-time, some opt for daily or weekly backups, and some people stretch it to every month. It can be done at whatever frequency works for you!

2. Protect Your Electronics

Lighting, downed power lines, and distribution issues all cause power outages through transient voltage, which is bad news for any voltage-sensitive electronics. The last thing you want is for your equipment to get damaged by a surge that can fry your computer or other devices. Surge protectors will block the damaging voltage and protect your equipment in the event of an outage.

3. Invest in Backup Equipment

A power outage means no internet connection and no way to recharge your computer. This can absolutely cripple your productivity! Purchasing a backup battery for your computer or a Mi-Fi device that you can hookup for an internet connection will at least allow you to handle major tasks while you wait for your power to be restored.

4. Prepare a Storm Kit

In case of a major weather event, a power outage may be the least of your worries. Flooding or debris could be the more pressing issue at hand. If you’re focusing on protecting your home office technology, pack a disaster supply kit, including anything you’ll need to protect your office. This container could include important files, emergency contacts, company proprietary information, or equipment like hard drives and laptops.

Flashlights, batteries, and a first aid kit are good to start with. You'll also want large plastic bags and sealable boxes to keep important items dry. You can also keep a disposable camera to document damages for an insurance claim even if your mobile phone is dead. You’ll also want to have a power outage emergency response plan for what to do when the power goes out.

4. Have a Backup Power Plan

Many people do have access to a power outage generator backup power source. However, if an outage goes on for several days, a portable generator may not be able to handle the job. Portable generators are designed for temporary use in construction work, fieldwork, or recreation. A standby generator offers a more comprehensive and longer-lasting backup solution.

When considering which generator for a power outage will work for you, it’s important to answer the following question: “How much power does your business need?” It depends on your industry. If all you need is wi-fi and a laptop, you’ll need less power than someone running a catering business out of their home that requires power for ovens, refrigeration, and other kitchen supplies. But no matter what your needs, there are plenty of standby generator options that will provide the level of power that your business relies on.


Whether you’ve worked from home for years or you’re new to the remote-work environment, protecting your home office is a priority. Being prepared for a power outage will ensure that your productivity isn’t interrupted and that your equipment remains undamaged. Investing in the proper power outage equipment is an excellent way to give you peace of mind that if the power fails, you will be able to continue with business as usual. To find out more about how standby generators can keep your home office running in the event of a power outage, explore the home generator options at South Shore Generator Sales & Service, contact us.

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