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Is a Standby Generator Right for Your Home?

December 13, 2023      

South Shore Generators Sales & Services

Shopping for a home generator? Quiet, reliable backup power makes a difference during an outage. But before you make your purchase, confirm that a standby generator is right for your home. Here’s what you need to know:

1. You Must Own Your Home to Install a Standby Generator

Standby generators are permanently installed outside of your home—just like an AC unit or solar panel system—and routed to your home’s electrical and gas systems. For this reason, you must own the property your generator will power.

2. Your Home Type Matters

When it comes to purchasing a generator, the type of home you live in is just as important as owning it. If you live in a townhome complex, consult your community’s by-laws before purchasing. Typically, single-family and fixed mobile homes are qualified for generator installation.

3. You May Need Approval Before Installation

Typically, your generator will be installed alongside your home’s exterior in a discreet area, but it is still considered a modification to your home’s appearance. This means you’ll likely require approval prior to installation if you live in a community regulated by an HOA or other governing board. For local and national permitting, you can rely on South Shore Generator Sales & Service to navigate any applicable codes before installation day.

4. You Should Consider Your Home’s Power Needs

Do you want to power your entire home during an outage, or only select appliances? Once you know you have approval to purchase and install a standby generator, start by analyzing your home’s electrical load and your power priorities. This will help you determine potential generator models before meeting with your authorized KOHLER dealer, who will be able to provide more recommendations after reviewing your home with you.


No matter where you live, your household may be affected by a power outage. But with a home generator for automatic backup power, you can guarantee safety and security for you and your family—even during extended outages. Request a quote today from South Shore Generator Sales & Service.

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