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4 Features of Generators that Keep Life Moving

December 8, 2023      

South Shore Generator Sales & Services - Kohler Home Generator

Outages, including temporary ones, can disrupt daily life. They make it hard to connect, cook, stream and even celebrate. But with innovative technology designed to keep your home powered through outage after outage, your KOHLER home generator makes it easy to keep life moving.

But what makes KOHLER home generators designed to power so many of life’s moments, big and small? Let’s take a look at four of our generator features expertly engineered for long-lasting power.

PowerBoost Technology

Kohler’s exclusive PowerBoost technology allows your generator to handle any starting load. Even large appliances like HVAC systems, sump pumps and refrigerators get enough power in an outage—without withdrawing power from smaller appliances and electronics. So, you don’t have to choose between streaming that series finale or freezing leftovers from dinner with your book club.

Heavy-duty Engine

The engines that power KOHLER generators in hospitals and power plants are the same engines you'll find in your KOHLER home generator. And if our generators can support their power needs, they can handle yours—even when the whole family’s in town. That means there’s no escaping your sister’s slideshow of her latest cruise or heating up a midnight snack for your grandchildren.

Corrosion-proof Enclosure

We designed corrosion-proof enclosures for our home generators to give you peace of mind in any weather. Plus, they’re wind-tested to stand up to 181 MPH speeds. Even when a hurricane or blizzard occurs, your generator will continue to deliver steady, reliable power. So instead of waiting on costly repairs after a severe storm, you can spend the day holding loved ones close.

Remote Monitoring

We know that life happens outside of your home, too, so we’ve made it easy to stay up to date on your home’s power status from anywhere. With our free OnCue Plus app, you can also view generator diagnostics, manage your generator’s exercise cycles and schedule any necessary maintenance right from your mobile device. We put the power in your hands, whether you’re visiting a neighbor or camping with friends.


For backup power that keeps you in motion, even during an outage, choose a KOHLER home generator. Explore generator options at South Shore Generator Sales & Service, contact us.

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