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Best Home Generators to Prep for an Outage

February 19, 2024      

South Shore Generator Sales & Services - Generac Home Generator

If you experience regular power outages or live somewhere that's considered high risk for disasters such as hurricanes,storms, or fires, a home generator may be something you want to invest in. Both serve the same purpose: keeping the lights on and appliances running during an extended outage.

What is a generator?

Standby generators connect to the power supply of your house via a transfer switch. In the event of a loss of power from the public electrical company, they turn on automatically. Home generators typically run on some kind of fuel: natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel. Many have the capacity to use either natural gas or propane and can be connected to your existing supply.

Generator size

To determine what size generator you need, you can consult a licensed electrician and/or certified generator installer. Alternatively, to figure out on your own what size will work best, make a list of the starting wattage and running wattage of each appliance you intend to power with the generator (this information can be found in the appliance manuals). Starting wattage is typically about three times the amount of wattage needed to run a particular unit. Light bulbs, coffee makers, and the like don’t need extra wattage start up so you only need to know their running wattage.

Battery backup generators

Battery backup generators store energy that is then used to power your home during an emergency. They run on electricity from either a home solar system or the electrical grid. They’re better for the environment than fuel powered generators and can save you money in electrical bills in the long run. They can be set up to use stored energy during peak electrical usage times so you don’t have to pay the higher rates associated with those times.

Best home generators

Generac Guardian 26,000-Watt Generator with Wi-Fi and 200 Amp Transfer Switch

Pros: Large capacity, 24/7/365 customer support

Cons: Heavy, more than one person needed for installation

Generac Guardian Wi-Fi Enabled 10000-Watt (LP) / 9000-Watt (NG) Standby Generator with Automatic Transfer Switch

Pros: 24/7/365 customer support, automatic transfer switch has 16 circuits

Cons: Noisier than similar generators

Generac is one of the leading brands when it comes to home generators which is why we’ve included two on our list. This smaller capacity version of the Guardian provides reliable backup power for smaller homes and those who have fewer large appliances to keep on during blackouts.

Running on either propane or natural gas, this 10,000-watt standby generator from Generac comes with a mobile link which allows for remote monitoring on a phone, tablet, or computer anywhere in the world. Installation (professional recommended) is made easier by the removable door panels and a base pad that doesn’t call for extensive ground prep.

Air-cooled, the generator will automatically shut down in high temperatures.

Explore generator options at South Shore Generator Sales & Service, contact us.


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