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South Shore Generator News

South Shore Generator is participating in the Cape and Plymouth Business' Annual Giving Guide

The goal of this publication is to raise awareness and give businesses the kind of information they need to commit resources to nonprofit institutions, both time and money.

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Generator Troubleshooting 101

By Eric Clark for Cape & Plymouth Magazine

This article outlines the basic steps generator owners should know and be capable of taking in preparation for a storm or in the event your generator does not do what it is supposed to. Click here to read more...

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Will you be ready when the lights go out?

By Bernadette Braman

The integrity of the electrical grid has been a topic of discussion and debate for many years, and the bottom line to all of the discussion comes down to a question of not IF but WHEN we will experience a major and extended power outage. Will it be a terror- ist attack on our infrastructure? Mother Nature reminding us who is really in charge? Or simply an internal breakdown of the grid's infrastructure during a summer heat wave? Click here to read more...

Be Prepared to WEATHER the Storm - Wareham, MA

By Jeff Stelmack

When the lights go out, there is no better feeling than the security provided when your standby generator starts up and restores power to your home or business. Owners purchase a generator for a variety of reasons, whether it is convenience, to back up a business, to run well pumps, or for life safety concerns. Whatever the reason, it is important that an owner feels confident that when the power fails, their generator will operate as intended. Much like a car, a standby generator requires maintenance, and upkeep to ensure it is working at peak performance when you need it the most. Click here to read more.

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