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Air-Cooled, Three-Phase Generators for Light Commercial Applications – Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 30, 2016

This 14/20 kW air-cooled, three-phase generator provides an economical, space-saving option for small businesses

Kohler Generators offers an air-cooled, three-phase generator specifically designed for businesses seeking a more economical, space-saving alternative to traditional liquid-cooled, three-phase generators. The KOHLER 14/20 kW provides award-winning performance and dependability in a smaller, budget-friendly design.

An air-cooled, three-phase generator may be ideal for banks, restaurants, convenience stores and other commercial applications where 20,000 watts or less are needed during power outages. Because the generator is air-cooled, you get all the performance and power of an equivalent liquid-cooled generator in a smaller, more economical package. It’s specifically designed for smaller-sized businesses that want to stay up-and-running during a power outage.

The 14/20 kW generator is powered by a heavy-duty, commercial-grade engine designed for harsh weather conditions and heavy use. The generator starts up within 10 seconds of an outage and can power major systems and appliances in a small business, including: HVAC, lights, security systems, computers, cash registers, coolers and more. Kohler’s exclusive PowerBoost technology provides the necessary power to start large electrical loads without dropping other circuits or systems as they cycle on and off.

The 14/20 kW runs on natural gas or liquid propane, so there’s no need for refueling during a power outage. In addition, the generator can be remotely monitored from a computer, tablet or smartphone using the OnCue Plus Wireless Generator Management System. The generator’s compact, corrosion-resistant enclosure blends seamlessly with a building’s exterior while its quiet, neighborhood-friendly operation reduces sound levels similar to a central air conditioning unit. Other features include:

  • Robust Kohler Command PRO engine, with three-phase operation running on natural gas or LP
  • Corrosion-resistant enclosure impacted tested to -30F
  • RDC2 digital controller
  • Compatible with RXT transfer switches and OnCue Plus® Generator Management System (GM81385-KP2-QS) and Programmable Interface Module (PIM)
  • CSA/EPA certifications
  • Five-year warranty

For more information contact South Shore Generator in Wareham, MA.


Mobile Paralleling Box Combines Different Generators and Fuel Types to Meet Job Requirements – Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 22, 2016

Technology offers ability to combine different sized generators; generators with different fuels

Kohler Power Systems has a Mobile Paralleling Box, which delivers cutting-edge flexibility by allowing users to combine different sized generators with different fuel types. The paralleling box is specifically designed for use with Kohler’s gaseous and diesel mobile generator line.

The technology was launched during the 2015 PGA Championship. This product will bring unmatched flexibility and a new level of customization to a wide variety of applications – including large scale, world-renowned events like the PGA golf tournament.

Mix and Match

The Mobile Paralleling Box, along with a fleet of Kohler generators, allows users to mix and match different size generators to meet job requirements. Four of the new boxes can be used to parallel as many as eight generators. The Kohler Decision-Maker 3500 digital controller, which is standard on all Kohler gaseous and Tier 4 Final diesel mobile generators, provides the paralleling intelligence and network communications for remote monitoring.

Any Kohler mobile generator with the Decision-Maker 3500 digital controller will work with the Mobile Paralleling Box.

The digital controller along with the Mobile Paralleling Box makes it possible to parallel generators for applications such as using multiple smaller units to replace a larger generator, providing redundancy to a primary generator in support of critical loads, meeting system capacity demands when one generator is inadequate, or managing generators to be sequenced on or off in a predetermined order based on system output.

One Size Fits All

The new system uses contactors to connect to the bus and eliminates the need for installing or investing in motorized breakers on generators that may never be used in a parallel application. Each contactor is rated at 1,000 amps – different sized generators can parallel as long as each unit’s output is less than 1,000 amps.

The advantage of the paralleling system is that it removes the need to size circuit breakers to specific generator output.

Color-coded camlocks for input and output feeds make the new box easy to setup and maintain while unused camlock connectors are protected with lockable security bars. The system also includes two 25-foot control cables as well as lockable storage for control cables. During the PGA Championship, the Mobile Paralleling Box was used to provide power redundancy for Kohler Co. hospitality tents. A Kohler 175REOZT4 Tier 4 Final diesel unit was used as the primary power source and a Kohler 125REZGT – an EPA-certified gaseous unit that runs on LP – served as a secondary power source.

Advanced Digital Controller

Paralleling intelligence is incorporated into the Kohler Decision-Maker 3500 digital controller, which provides system monitoring and diagnostics while also offering a user-friendly display. The advanced digital controller uses a patented hybrid voltage regulator and unique software logic to manage alternator thermal overload protection features that normally require additional hardware.

Paralleling functions featured on the controller include:

  • Bus sensing for accurate metering and control
  • First-on logic – starts all generators to allow the first generator to reach rated voltage to close to the bus
  • Synchronizing adjusts other generators’ engine speed and voltage to allow them to connect to the bus
  • External-controlled load sharing via analog bias signals
  • Load management to ensure the generators are not overloaded

For more information, contact South Shore Generator in Wareham, MA.


Smart and Affordable Backup Power for Your Home – Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 15, 2016

Generac has two technologies that make installing an automatic home backup generator easier and more affordable for homeowners.

Generac’s Smart Management Modules (SMM) are a load management system that allow homeowners to purchase a lower kilowatt automatic backup power system that fits within their budget, while the new 16 circuit NEMA 3R rated automatic transfer switch helps reduce installation costs for customers with an electrical panel located outside the home.

Homeowners need affordable, quality residential backup power. The Smart Management Modules and 16 circuit NEMA 3R transfer switch ensure that automatic backup power systems are available for all homeowners.

Smart Management Module (SMM)

Generac’s Smart Management Modules (SMM) are a load management system that manages backup power to essential circuits identified by the homeowner, and autonomously pushes available power to non-essential circuits, as it becomes available.

The Smart Management Modules are wire-free, which makes them easier to install since no control wires are required, and helps lower installation costs. Up to eight Smart Management Modules can be installed with a compatible automatic transfer switch, to manage power loads. The Smart Management Module technology is protected in a NEMA 3R weather-proof enclosure, making each unit compatible for indoor and outdoor installations. Additional features include an LED indicator light, which allows homeowners to verify which essential circuits are receiving power, as well as a lockout switch that prevents unwanted operation of circuits while operating on generator power.

New 16 Circuit Weather-Proof Automatic Transfer Switch

The 16 circuit NEMA 3R rated automatic transfer switch is weather-proof, and can withstand high winds, rain, and winter storms. Electrical circuits are protected by an aluminum corrosion-resistant enclosure, and it accepts breakers from multiple manufacturers. Power can be provided to up to 16 essential circuits in a home by using this transfer switch and customers can expand their backup coverage to 24 circuits, through the use of tandem breakers.

Prior to this introduction, homeowners without a basement or interior utility closet had to purchase a costly, custom-built subpanel that could be installed outside the home.

Power outages are less predictable, and are occurring more frequently for extended periods of time. For more information on backup home generators, contact South Shore Generator.


NEW Low Intake Mobile Trash Pumps and Heater Promotion - Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Mobile Link App to Monitor Your Home Standby Generator – Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Generac Power Systems has a mobile app for the popular Mobile Link cellular remote monitoring system. The apps make it easier than ever for consumers to monitor their home standby generators using their mobile device.

Actually, 86 percent of smartphone owners use their smartphone for ‘just-in-time’ information, like getting current traffic information or seeking help in an emergency. Mobile Link and the app are designed for these people. They want to know right away when their generator is running or when it needs maintenance. The Mobile Link app makes that information easier than ever for customers to get.

The Mobile Link app is currently available for both iOS® and Android™ devices, and it’s free and downloadable on the iTunes™ App Store, Google Play™ and the Amazon Appstore.

Introduced in 2013, Mobile Link lets home standby generator owners view their generator’s status and maintenance needs, set the unit’s exercise schedule, review its running and maintenance history, and receive push notifications to indicate status changes. In June 2014, new functionality was introduced that lets owners arrange to send notifications to their local dealer. This makes maintenance easier, since dealers can spot any issues in advance and can ensure the generator is operating smoothly, no matter the homeowner’s location.

The Mobile Link device attaches in minutes to the outside of the Generac automatic backup generator enclosure and connects to the generator’s controller. Mobile Link sends data via cellular network because it is easier to configure and more reliable than the Ethernet and telephone connections used by many competitive monitoring solutions.

The Mobile Link device has an MSRP of only $279. The first year of cellular data is included with the purchase, after which homeowners can renew for $99 per year for a subscription, or at a discounted rate of $249 for a three-year subscription, less than many other competitive solutions.

Mobile Link is compatible with most Generac, Honeywell, Centurion, Siemens, and Eaton brand standby generators up to 20 kW manufactured from 2008, and 22 to 60 kW standby generators manufactured from 2010.

For more information contact South Shore Generator in Wareham, MA.

Best Offer EVER on a Generac Home Generator! - Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 03, 2016


7 Tips to Prepare for Winter Storms – Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 01, 2016

It may still be summer, but school is around the corner, and winter quickly follows. Now is the time to get your home ready for winter. When storms dominate the forecast, there are a few simple steps every family should take. Stocking up on non-perishables and minimizing outdoor travel seem like no-brainers, but many families forget some of the other simple steps required to keep safe and warm.

  1. Run the water regularly - Your plumbing system is critical during a winter storm and frozen pipes can lead to expensive home repairs. Opening the faucet, even just a drip, provides relief from the excessive pressure that comes with ice blockage and can prevent a burst pipe.
  2. Don’t forget about the dog - Non-perishable food items and extra water (a gallon per day per person) for people should be automatic when preparing for an upcoming storm, but don't forget about those furry friends. Have extra pet food and meds on hand.
  3. Take a good look at your windows – Especially on windy days, check for air leaks and make upgrades if necessary. This can be as simple as insulating with plastic for extra heat protection, or installing storm windows for an extra layer of home protection.
  4. Install a backup generator - When the power goes out, an automatic backup generator makes sure the lights and heat stay on. It immediately turns on when your power goes out and maintains a sense of normalcy when all else fails.
  5. Reverse your ceiling fan – Not just for summer anymore, reversing the direction of your ceiling fan pushes warm air downward. If your fan turns clockwise, you'll stay more comfortable during cold winter months.
  6. Winterize your sprinkler system - At the end of the fall, winterize your sprinkler system by turning off the water supply and ridding the pipes of excess water by blowing compressed air through the sprinkler lines.
  7. Insulate the attic – Reduce the risk for ice dams, which occur when snow on your roof melts and then freezes near the roof’s edge, by reducing the amount of heat escaping from your roof. The best way to eliminate the risk is to make sure your roof and insulation are in good shape.

It’s not just how you choose to prepare – it’s when you choose to prepare. The best time to prepare is now and having a plan to follow will ensure your family remains safe and your home remains stable.

For more information, contact South Shore Generator in Wareham, MA.



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