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South Shore Generator Sales & Service Blog - Wareham, MA

Generac Commercial Generators Power Essential Businesses

Joseph Coupal - Monday, April 13, 2020

Generac Power Systems offers standby power solutions for a variety of commercial businesses, including gas stations and convenience stores. Hear from a convenience store owner on how a Generac generator can help your business.

For more information on generators for business, contact South Shore Generator in Wareham, MA.

Standby Power for Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

Joseph Coupal - Monday, March 05, 2018

Generac Power Systems offers standby power solutions for a variety of commercial businesses, including gas stations and convenience stores. Hear from a convenience store owner on how a Generac generator can help your business.

For more information on Generac Generators, contact South Shore Generator in Wareham, MA.

Generac Offers a Full Line of Industrial Generators

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 08, 2017
South Shore Generators - Industrial Generators

Generac Power Systems offers a large kW product line with power generators and integrated paralleling control. Regularly models receive system upgrades, improving performance, functionality, and competitiveness.

Generac offers the 750 kW, 900 kW, and 1500 kW diesel generators in its industrial product line, creating a complete offering from 750 kW to 2 MW. They can be used as either a standalone SD series generator or as an MD series generator in Generac’s innovative, marketing-leading paralleling Modular Power System (MPS) with outputs up to 100 MW of power. All of the generator systems are available in an open set configuration, or with weather protected, Level 1, or Level 2 sound attenuated enclosures.

All industrial generators up to 2 MW are manufactured in Generac’s Wisconsin facilities, offering engineers and contractors a fully integrated solution from a single source of accountability.

Generac continuously invests significant resources into research, innovation and product development, which is why they can offer this breadth of line that meets even the most strict customer requirements. Generac has effectively doubled its industrial product range, and is excited at how fast they have expanded their industrial product offering, becoming a true full-line solution provider. If you need a large, industrial generator, go big with Generac.

The generators are designed to give engineers and contractors the option to choose from a wide range of Generac alternators with optional temperature rises for improved motor starting in stringent application needs. Both 40°C and 50°C ambient cooling systems are offered with an enhanced option to meet various ambient temperature application requirements, while optional critical- and-hospital-grade exhaust silencers enhance sound attenuation. The robust Mitsubishi Heavy Industries engines offer market-leading altitude derates as well.

Other features include:

  • Full range of multiple unit-mounted circuit breakers up to 3000A
  • Listed to UL2200 from factory
  • NFPA 110 compliant
  • UL142 listed fuel tanks for 12 and 24 hour runtimes to meet various code requirements

Generac’s highly-reliable PowerManager System Control (PM-SCi) is ideal for project managers looking for a more cost-efficient and space saving MPS solution for paralleling multiple large generators. The advanced integrated (on-board) paralleling and load management capabilities allows for the management of up to 31 paralleled generators, and can control multiple, separate transfer switches. There are six default levels for priority loads and three default levels for load shedding during system failure. The control’s flexibility enables users to add both priority load and load shed levels in boolean logic. The built-in Modbus® technology allows for remote monitoring.

Other key features include:

  • Touch-screen display
  • Diagnostics capabilities through InteliMonitor® software
  • Data logging and trending capabilities
  • Programmable exerciser
  • Backup mode

For more information on Generac’s industrial generators and the PowerManager System Control (PM-SCi), contact South Shore Generator in Wareham, MA.


Power Outages Cause Panic Among Those in Top Cities Affected by Power Loss - Boston, Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, October 17, 2016

A new study by Generac Power Systems shows that two in five Americans living in the top U.S. cities impacted by power outages would experience feelings of panic in the event of a blackout. This latest survey from Generac reveals compelling data regarding the threat to American homeowners' sense of comfort, security and convenience caused by a disruption in power. The feelings of vulnerability are also impacted by how informed and prepared homeowners feel.

The research paints a picture for Americans' sensitivities to their dependence and confidence in electrical power supply, in that power outages ignite more fear in some Americans than others, depending on where they live.

The study surveyed residents in Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Dallas, Winston-Salem, Boston, Oklahoma City, Chicago, New York and Minneapolis, where power outages have been the most frequent in the last five years. Since 2010, blackouts have impacted almost 40 million residents in these major metropolitan areas.

Power Outages Take An Emotional Toll on Residents

Mother Nature can be scary. Storms, especially those that physically knock down powerlines, bring loud noises and flashes of light. The feeling of having no control over the weather, of being powerless, can create high anxiety. The Generac Power Outage Survey results indicate that threatening weather conditions makes those living in Atlanta, Winston-Salem, Oklahoma City and Dallas experience a sense of dread over other emotions. There is contrasting news in Minneapolis where they feel excitement about an oncoming storm, in addition to having the highest amount of confidence in their city to be able handle a blackout. However, if there is potential for the power to go out during a storm, the top cities to panic are Detroit and Philadelphia.

When asked specifically what it was about threatening weather that made them panic, the most common answers were "that my loved ones might be in danger" (59%), "that my home might be damaged" (48%), and "that I might experience a power outage" (40%).

Among those panicking about a potential thunderstorm or snowstorm, the threat of a power outage causes more anxiety than being stuck in one location or being unable to accomplish necessary tasks.

The survey also found that Americans' reaction to a power outage often goes hand in hand with whether they believe their city is prepared. Confidence in their cities' ability to deal with a power outage could have a major impact on their particular reaction to a major storm. In recent years, dramatic weather coverage has seen a new lexicon of words like "snowmageddon" and "stormapocalypse" to describe forecasted weather events, which can also incite a significant emotional reaction from homeowners.

Millennials and Parents are Connected and Concerned

More Millennials than non-Millennials (49% vs. 33%) and more parents than non-parents (47% vs. 34%) in the top blackout-prone cities would panic in the event of a power outage. Millennials could be more anxious about being without power because of their reliance on electronics. In the event of a blackout the first place that 31% of Millennials would go for updates would be Facebook, Twitter or a news site.

Reducing Anxieties Over Outages

Generac Power Systems has a solution to put these top fears to rest. The Guardian line of home standby generators protect the home automatically. Generac invented the home backup generator and has a network of dealers and installers nationwide. Generac continues to invest in product improvements that address customer expectations and ensure their peace-of-mind. As our lives become increasingly dependent on power, we continue to find new ways to make backup power solutions affordable and accessible to all.

The newest generation of Guardian home standby generators features improved connections to a home's existing natural or liquid propane gas line. They will turn on automatically and within seconds of utility power going out, provide power to back up the entire home or just the most essential items. Installation efficiency upgrades allow units to be put in "direct to dirt" saving both time and money.

Home standby power gets rid of the top three causes for concern during a storm. The new Guardian turns on within seconds of a power outage, it safely keeps the lights on for your family, it keeps the heat on so there's no threat of freezing pipes, and most of all, it eliminates the fear of a power outage.

For more information on residential generators, contact South Shore Generator in Wareham. MA.


Industrial Power Transfer Switches for Generators – Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Generac Power Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of backup power generators, unveiled its new line of Power Series transfer switches.

The Power Series transfer switches can be used with Generac’s newly expanded industrial standby generators. The new ATC-900 transfer switch control offers robust supervisory and programming capabilities, making it ideal for facility operators and engineers alike.

From transfer switches to industrial generators, Generac has the full lineup to provide what’s needed for industrial applications that require backup power systems

The Power Series Transfer Switch line includes 14 different platforms with capabilities up to 5,000 amperes (amp). It features open and delayed transition on three cycle switches, and short time ratings to aid in breaker selection and selective coordination, which is essential in mission critical applications. It also includes a double-throw interlock transfer mechanism for higher reliability and safety from unintentionally paralleling two sources of power. The service entrance is 100 percent rated, and the top, bottom, and side cable entry eases installation.

The ATC-900 controller brings intelligence, adaptability, and enhanced supervisory and programming capabilities to the PSTS product offering. The control is either standard or available as an optional add-on depending on the platform chosen.

Advanced diagnostics allow the controller to capture and record up to 450 real time-stamped events – including the last 12 events captured two seconds before, and two seconds after – which enables users to diagnose power anomalies faster. It’s equipped with 20 inputs and outputs (four of each are customizable), and has a variety of monitoring and control functions, such as remote load testing and selective load shedding. Operating parameters can be set using a computer, or can be saved to a jump drive and uploaded directly to the control. Utility metering packages are also available.

System information is displayed on a 4.3-inch color monitor and a LED mimic bus. Color-coded LEDs provide Available and Connected status indication, while the Main Menu screen offers transfer switch status at a glance, as well as load-metering data and active alarms. Navigation is simplified with easy to use arrow keys.

The Power Series Transfer Switch and ATC-900 transfer switch control are now available. Contact South Shore Generator for more information.


Generac Combines a Transfer Switch and a Portable Generator in One – Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Generac Power Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of backup power generators and engine-powered tools, announced the introduction of the HomeLink 6500E, a revolutionary, all-inclusive, residential backup power kit.

The new HomeLink 6500E is an affordable, safe, one-of-a-kind backup power solution that integrates an upgradeable transfer switch and a portable generator in one package. The kit enables homeowners to properly prepare for outages, with the ability to back up essential circuits using the portable generator – and easily upgrade to an automatic home backup generator in the future with the HomeLink upgradeable manual transfer switch.

Say goodbye to those frustrating hours spent without power, dragging out extension cords and potential back-feeding, and say hello to this easy-to-use, powerful backup power package.

The new 6500E portable generator is designed to provide residential backup power to essential circuits. When the 6500E isn’t providing home backup power, it can be used to power recreation equipment, tools and more. It’s equipped with an easy-to-use electric start and TruePower technology, which delivers less than 5% total harmonic distortion (THD) for clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances.

Other notable features include:

  1. Plug-in battery charger jack for easy charging
  2. Low-oil shutdown to safeguard the engine
  3. An hour meter for tracking maintenance intervals
  4. Covered outlets to protect the unit from environmental conditions

Included with the 6500E is the HomeLink upgradable manual transfer switch. With a push of a button, this versatile, innovative transfer switch allows homeowners to easily harness the power of their portable generator to power hardwired circuits in their home. And when homeowners decide to upgrade to an automatic home backup generator, HomeLink is designed to allow electricians to simply change out the subpanel, conveniently preparing the pre-wired switch for an automatic home generator to backup essential circuits (max 11 kW). This greatly reduces the typical installation cost of an automatic home generator because all the circuits have already been wired.

As with other Generac transfer switches, HomeLink is a pre-wired electrical device that is installed next to a home’s utility panel. During an outage, it allows a backup generator to deliver power to hardwired appliances, such as a furnace, refrigerator or well pump. Power indicator lights show homeowners when they have utility power or generator power.

The HomeLink 6500E is available through South Shore Generator, contact us for more details.

Source: Generac

What You Will and Won’t Miss During a Power Outage This Winter With a Generac Generator – Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, January 25, 2016

According to a recent study1, just four percent of homeowners surveyed selected heat as the household item they would miss the most during a power outage, compared to more than half (51%) who said they would miss their TV the most. Yes, long hours in the dark can be incredibly boring without the entertainment of a news program or favorite show, but when considering power outages during the dead of winter a lack of entertainment may be the last thing homeowners should be concerned about.

This research points out that many homeowners don’t realize the dangers and inconveniences they would face during a power outage. To help homeowners be better prepared for the realities of winter-related power outages, Generac Power Systems compiled a few reminders of unexpected things they’ll be without:

  1. Running water. When the heat is out pipes are more susceptible to freezing. Even if you have an oil-based source of household heating, a power outage will still disrupt service and indoor temperatures will dip. A frozen or burst pipe can halt your access to running water (and could lead to some very expensive home repairs). Opening the faucet will provide relief from the excessive pressure that comes with ice blockage and can prevent a burst pipe.
  2. Fast emergency responders and utility companies. Snow, sleet, freezing rain and ice all make for treacherous travel conditions, meaning response from emergency and utility crews will be delayed during winter storms. When power outages are involved, families can quickly find themselves in dangerous situations with delayed response from these important services. With proper at-home preparation and safety, you can protect your family from needing to call these crews for help in emergency situations.
  3. Wireless Internet. Most homeowners forget that when the power goes out, so does their wireless internet access. With routers down, that means no connection to communicate with loved ones or get important updates about the storm. Cellular service can also be interrupted during outage times, and with no way to charge cell phone batteries, that option is also often limited.
  4. Daylight. This one might seem like a no-brainer, but many people forget that daylight hours are short during the winter. Especially when a storm is passing through, homes can get dark and stay dark for the majority of the day. Candles and flashlights work well for short periods of time, but it’s important to re-think backup light options during the winter when darkness is prolonged. These critical household functions are all things that homeowners would desperately miss in the event of a winter power outage, whether they are aware of it or not. The best way to ensure you and your family won’t be without is to create an organized winter preparedness plan that includes a stockpile of food, water and other supplies as well as a source of backup power. Whether from a home standby option that automatically turns on when utility power is interrupted, or a portable unit for powering essential items, generators can make all the difference in the safety of your home and family this winter.

For more information on a Generac Generator for your home, contact South Shore Generator.

Source: Generac


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