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South Shore Generator Projects - Wareham MA

Learn from these actual case studies how South Shore Generator can help you plan your generator installation.

  • Tommy's Place in Centerville

    The comfort and safety of our guests is of utmost importance to us at Tommy's Place.

    We are very grateful for the help and support of South Shore Generator Sales & Service, Inc. who have gone above and beyond to supply generators to us at our home in Falmouth and today at our new home in Centerville!! It takes a lot of power to keep two 7000 square foot homes going when the power is lost.

    Thank you so much for your generosity to Tommy's Place and amazing kids who are fighting cancer!

    Thank you South Shore Generator!

  • Municipality Project

  • Project in Lakeville: A couple of diesel generator deliveries today to a local town.

    1 via crane, and 1 via our very skilled and talented field supervisor using our own ramp truck. Dropping a (tall) generator on a pad takes a lot of skill this way as the generators don't have wheels, like a car would, using this type of truck.

  • Situation: Boston based realty company required a replacement generator for their existing older unit up on the roof of their 11 story building located on a busy street in Boston.

    South Shore Generator's Solution:

    Space constraints both on the ground and on the roof were an issue but we worked carefully with our team and the folks at Shaughnessy & Ahearn to carefully guide the unit up on to the roof and into place where our team reconnected the electrical and completed testing all within a 3 day period of time.

  • Situation: Local Municipality Back-up Pump Generator Replacement

    A Local municipality needed to replace their generator responsible for backing up a pump station.

    South Shore Generator's Solution:

    The unit was on the second floor of a structure, and needed to be craned out through a louver opening. South Shore Generator worked with trusted vendors to disconnect the existing generator, tie in temporary backup power, Crane the old generator out, and the new generator in, and put the new unit online. The efforts by all parties allowed the plant to maintain normal operations throughout the process, and have a new reliable source of backup power. Bourne MA

  • Situation: Generator Riser for Homes in Flood Zones

    A home equipped with generator was located in a flood zone.

    South Shore Generator's Solution:

    South Shore Generator built a generator riser to raise the generator above ground level.

  • Situation: Supermarket Generator Replacement

    A supermarket customer had an older inside generator in need of replacement and upsizing for additional loads.

    South Shore Generator's Solution:

    South Shore Generator coordinated with multiple vendors to remove the Roof Vent within the room and crane the old generator out. The new generator was disassembled and craned in in pieces, and then reassembled in the room. New Ducting and exhaust work was completed, and a new transfer switch and wiring were installed. Constant communication, and support from our expert contractor partners allowed the job to progress smoothly and seamlessly, minimizing down time for the store.

  • Situation: Customer in Falmouth

    Customer in Falmouth due to proximity to the ocean and flood zones had to raise their generator.

  • Situation: Customer in Mattapoisett

    Customer in Mattapoisett due to proximity to the ocean and flood zones had to raise their generator up 6ft.

  • Situation: New Customers in Orleans

    New customers in Orleans had a generator installed by another company. The unit in this inside installation would constantly overheat in the hot summer months due to poor room circulation. The old unit had been installed on the floor of the room with the outlet air louver higher than the radiator and no ductwork to force the airflow out. The space restrictions would not allow for the installation of an 'S' shaped duct.

    South Shore Generator's Solution:

    When the customer was ready to upgrade the unit, SSG had a custom steel base fabricated to raise the new unit to the height of the existing outlet louver for proper direct outlet airflow. Simple and inexpensive, and no further overheating problems exist to date.

  • Situation: Chatham Customer

    A Chatham customer was concerned about a generator being too loud and affecting the aesthetics of his yard.

    South Shore Generator's Solution:

    A separate building for housing the generator was erected which matched the exterior of the main house.

    SSG provided the custom exhaust and ducting work for the required airflow to properly cool the generator while running in this enclosed space. The generator sits diagonally in the shed for ease of service, and the noise of the airflow and exhaust faces away from the main house for near silent operation.

  • Situation: High-end House in Chatham

    The owner of a high-end house in Chatham did not want to lose yard space to the generator or see the equipment in the yard. Minimum noise was also important.

    South Shore Generator's Solution:

    A special generator room was designed and built during the construction of the home. Due to the location of the room inside the house, louvers for airflow to cool the engine were not possible. SSG sold and installed a 60kw w/remote radiator to cool the engine that was installed in a hidden alley way outside the home. The unit was plumbed and wired with copper tubing.

    We first had to retrofit the GM 5.7L 8-cylinder engine with water-cooled manifolds. The 60kw was specifically chosen because the engine used on this model has already been adapted for marine use which made acquiring the necessary parts to convert to a water-cooled manifold and remote radiator a snap. The generator room has soundproof walls and doors. Upon completion of the project, SSG load bank testing confirmed that the generator cools itself flawlessly.

  • Situation: Boston Christian Science Center

    Boston Christian Science Center Required a New Generator.

    South Shore Generator's Solution:

    We're proud to have been selected to coordinate and install the Generac 450kw genset generator for the Boston Christian Science Center. It was a bit tricky getting the extremely heavy units in and out through an air louver opening. We removed the louver, disconnected the units electrical, exhaust, and fuel lines and removed the radiator. With the help of our friends over at NC Hudon Crane & Rigging out of New Bedford, we were able to maneuver the over 5 ton units out, and the new back into the generator room. We reconnected with new ductwork and custom exhaust, and electrical. We upgraded the fuel system with a new diesel fuel day tank system by our friends over at Mecco Environmental out of Weymouth. Finally we load bank and load tested the unit. We're proud and excited to say everything worked as designed.

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