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Winter Preparations Should Include a "Power Plan" with Back-up Generators – Wareham, MA

September 19, 2016      

Americans are encouraged to observe National Preparedness Month by making sure their home is ready to face both natural and manmade disasters. Emergencies are unexpected, and power outages caused by severe weather have become more common over the past decade. Yet, it is becoming increasingly easier to prepare for the unknown when homeowners understand the importance of creating or reviewing their emergency preparedness and continuity plans.

Generac power generators provide generator solutions for home standby and emergency preparedness power. As part of the month-long effort by FEMA, Generac is championing the effort asking homeowners to create a plan that promotes self-reliance for up to three days. This plan should anticipate going without water service, power, or access to a grocery store. Homeowners can start preparing by visiting Generac's weather preparation page and taking the following steps:

  • Be aware of the types of emergencies that could happen in the area.
  • Make a family plan for what to do in an emergency and whom to contact.
  • Build an emergency supply kit that includes flashlights and fresh batteries as well as weather radio to stay on top of storms and announcements from local authorities.
  • Spread the word by sharing tips and practices on social media. Inspire friends and family to do the same.
  • Develop a backup "power plan" that includes a portable or home standby generator.

A backup power source is recommended to keep critical appliances running. Lights stay on. Sump pumps, heat and air sources continue to operate. Smartphones stay charged. Even television, radio and computers continue to deliver emergency updates. A sense of normalcy is restored when items in the refrigerator are kept cold, water is still running, and the house is not left in the dark.

Portable and automatic home standby generators offer peace of mind in addition to a source of power. It's not just how one chooses to prepare, it's when one choose to prepare. The best time to prepare is now, and having a plan to follow will ensure that families remain safe and homes remain stable.

Homeowners can contact a South Shore Generator to get ahead of the storm and create a plan to keep the power running.


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