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Why KOHLER Generators for Job Sites?

- Tuesday, May 14, 2019
South Shore Generator - KOLHER Industrial Gas Generator

Glad you asked.

You can trust a KOHLER generator for good reasons. Here’s why…

Every KOHLER generator is meticulously quality-tested start to finish. First, the engineering team runs test after test during the design process. Everything’s examined — down to the bolt.

Once the generator design passes inspection, it’s ready for production. But before it leaves the factory, it is put through the paces one more time. The result is total reliability.

KOHLER offers custom options — and lots of them.

Legs, handles, wheels, lifting kits. These custom options allow you to build whatever generator you want, any way you want it.

What You Want. Any Way You Want It.

Whoever said one size fits all doesn’t know job sites. At KOHLER, we know every job and every site is different.

That’s why we offer more configurations than anyone else. It’s what you want. Just the way it should be.


7 universal kits. - More than 100 unique configurations.
Simple design. - Easy to install.
Unlimited functionality. - Each kit can be transferred to other KOHLER portable generators.
Mix and match. - All KOHLER kits complement each other and work in tandem (no need to choose one over the other).

For more information, contact South Shore Generator in Wareham, MA.

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