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Two Gaseous Mobile Generators for Special Events – Wareham, MA

July 12, 2016      

The compact generators offer reliable power options at greater cost savings

Kohler Power Systems has two compact gaseous-fueled generators to meet growing demand for cost-effective mobile power in new markets. The units can easily switch between optional on-board LP fuel tanks and external LP liquid, LP gas or natural gas fuel sources. The two models (50 kVA – 70 kVA) are part of the industry-leading mobile generator line.

The 50REZGT and 70REZGT are ideal for the event rental, construction, commercial and water utility markets. The compact gensets are engineered to provide reliable power in any situation from disaster recovery and special events to serving as primary power at construction sites and backup power at water utilities, commercial retail and healthcare facilities.

The two models can help reduce users’ fuel costs by 15 to 20 percent* compared to diesel fuel. The propane’s benefits extend beyond affordability.

Propane has become the alternative fuel of choice for an expanding range of residential and commercial applications because of its efficiency and lower emissions. Equipment like Kohler’s mobile generators will give professionals more opportunities to enjoy the benefits of clean, affordable, American-made propane on the jobsite.

Better for the environment

The 50REZGT (50 kVA) features a 4.3-liter naturally aspirated engine while the 70REZGT (70 kVA) features a 5.7-liter engine. The two models feature optional on-board LP tanks, so users working in areas without a propane gas supply can use on-board fuel and then switch to an on-site supply when available. The on-board tank is built for a 24-hour run time, while connection to an external LP or natural gas supply offers extended usage.

In addition to being more cost effective than diesel, LP burns cleaner so these Kohler mobile generators produce fewer toxins and less smog-producing carbon monoxide. LP also flashes to vapor at atmospheric pressure, which reduces the risk of accidents from fuel spills. The gaseous-fueled generators also feature a three-way exhaust catalyst and an electronic isochronous governor. They can be customized with optional add-ons like cam-locks and a voltage selector switch.

Both the 50REZGT and 70REZGT are certified for prime power and standby applications by the Environmental Protection Agency, and certified by the California Air Resources Board, which sets strict air quality standards.

Easy maintenance

For the Kohler mobile generators, servicing is easier thanks to the company’s patent-pending enclosure, which is easily pulled off after removing some bolts, offering straightforward access to all parts without disconnecting any wires or additional parts. In addition, the mobile generators include a fluid containment system to collect any leaking engine fluids. All Kohler generators come with a standard three-year warranty managed through a service network of more than 10,000 dealers across the United States dedicated to meeting the needs of commercial and residential customers.

The 50REZGT and 70REZGT are available now. Designed with customization in mind, the line offers a choice of fuel, a wide range of engine sizes, and custom receptacle connectors, fuel tanks and paint or decal packages.

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