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Smart and Affordable Backup Power for Your Home – Wareham, MA

August 15, 2016      

Generac has two technologies that make installing an automatic home backup generator easier and more affordable for homeowners.

Generac’s Smart Management Modules (SMM) are a load management system that allow homeowners to purchase a lower kilowatt automatic backup power system that fits within their budget, while the new 16 circuit NEMA 3R rated automatic transfer switch helps reduce installation costs for customers with an electrical panel located outside the home.

Homeowners need affordable, quality residential backup power. The Smart Management Modules and 16 circuit NEMA 3R transfer switch ensure that automatic backup power systems are available for all homeowners.

Smart Management Module (SMM)

Generac’s Smart Management Modules (SMM) are a load management system that manages backup power to essential circuits identified by the homeowner, and autonomously pushes available power to non-essential circuits, as it becomes available.

The Smart Management Modules are wire-free, which makes them easier to install since no control wires are required, and helps lower installation costs. Up to eight Smart Management Modules can be installed with a compatible automatic transfer switch, to manage power loads. The Smart Management Module technology is protected in a NEMA 3R weather-proof enclosure, making each unit compatible for indoor and outdoor installations. Additional features include an LED indicator light, which allows homeowners to verify which essential circuits are receiving power, as well as a lockout switch that prevents unwanted operation of circuits while operating on generator power.

New 16 Circuit Weather-Proof Automatic Transfer Switch

The 16 circuit NEMA 3R rated automatic transfer switch is weather-proof, and can withstand high winds, rain, and winter storms. Electrical circuits are protected by an aluminum corrosion-resistant enclosure, and it accepts breakers from multiple manufacturers. Power can be provided to up to 16 essential circuits in a home by using this transfer switch and customers can expand their backup coverage to 24 circuits, through the use of tandem breakers.

Prior to this introduction, homeowners without a basement or interior utility closet had to purchase a costly, custom-built subpanel that could be installed outside the home.

Power outages are less predictable, and are occurring more frequently for extended periods of time. For more information on backup home generators, contact South Shore Generator.


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