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Reliable Backup Power for Data Centers

February 15, 2022      

South Shore Generators - Kohler Industrial Generator

Reliable power supply is essential for servers, storages, networks and telephony services. A data center’s electrical power supply can be provided by several different circuits and supplemented by generators and energy storage systems. To provide a concurrently maintainable and fault tolerant power supply, two independent power sources provide redundancy and risk reduction, rather than depend on a single source of inbound power.


We design power systems that meet the requirements to minimize and eliminate downtime. Getting the right combination of uninterrupted power supply and generators to meet tier classifications is our expertise.


Our power systems are fully capable of paralleling two or more generators with paralleling switchgear to provide redundancy solutions.


We help businesses achieve cost savings and efficiency by delivering dependable and scalable power systems capable of delivering current needs and future expansions, and meeting demanding operational requirements.


Take worry and anxiety off your mind and keep your focus on your business.

A single call to us assures you of expert support and problem resolution day or night.


From planning to post-installation, our team will take care of you every step of the way–with a power solution customized to your needs.

As a single-source provider, you can be confident that we are with you every step of the way from planning to project implementation and post installation. Total system integration assures you that no matter how large or complex the project, everything works together seamlessly–from generators and transfer switches to paralleling switchgear and controllers. That’s the KOHLER Difference.

End-To-End Management

From planning the design and selecting the equipment to testing and commissioning, we’re focused on delivering reliable, custom-designed power systems tailored to your specifications. Agile manufacturing, rigorous testing and careful commissioning assure you of a solution that fits your business–and your budget.

Customized Solutions

Your KOHLER power system is customized, built and tested by a dedicated team of experienced engineers. They’ve designed power systems for hundreds of data centers and combine industry experience with Kohler’s agile manufacturing process to deliver your purpose-built solution.

We can help you find the perfect power system. For more information, contact South Shore Generator today.

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