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Preparing Your Home for Snowstorms – Wareham, MA

February 13, 2017      

South Shore Generator -  Generac 22,000 Watt Air Cooled Standby Generator

The tradition continues, February in Massachusetts is snowy! Sudden severe winter weather can leave you scrambling for the tools and necessities to keep your family and your home safe during a winter snowstorm. Advance preparation and stocking up on necessities ahead of the storm saves you from costly home damage and keeps loved ones out of harm’s way.

Here are three simple ways to prepare for the snow:

  1. Prepare for freezing temperatures. Prevent pipes from bursting when the winter storm comes by insulating them before the temperature drops. Wall pipe insulation helps keep heat in while maximizing energy savings. For extreme temperatures, use electric water pipe heating cables to prevent frozen pipes and to help thaw out frozen pipes. Additionally, make sure your home is properly insulated ahead of the cold front to ensure that heat stays in and the cold stays out.
  2. Power up for snow removal. Make sure you are prepared with the essentials to get outdoors before the storm hits. If the snow is deep enough, it is possible to get your car stuck in the driveway. Before doing any work clearing the snow, be sure to stretch and warm up your body to avoid injury. Clear a path to the road before attempting to move your car. Keep both a wide plastic shovel and a metal shovel handy to clear driveways and walkways. Use the plastic shovel first, as it is less likely to catch on the pavement, to push the snow from the center of the driveway to the outer edges. Then use the metal shovel to scoop the remaining snow out of the driveway. Take frequent breaks to prevent overexertion or serious injury. For heavy snowfall, use a snow blower to quickly and effectively clear large areas.
    Clear off your car with a good-quality snow brush to prevent any damage to the vehicle’s paint. Start at the top by brushing off the roof, then move down to the windows, hood and trunk. Clean the front and rear lights last. Scrape away any ice from your vehicle with a short-handled ice scraper. Work the blade under the ice sheet to scrape the glass, not the ice.
  3. Stock up severe weather essentials. If you live in an area that frequently loses power, keep a standby generator handy. The Generac 22,000 Watt Air Cooled Standby Generator provides whole house coverage for many homes and is designed to handle extended run times and extreme conditions. Always be sure to run generators outside and connect your equipment using extension cords that are grounded, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Also be sure to stock up on essentials such as flashlights, batteries, a weather radio, first-aid kits, nonperishable foods, bottled water and any necessary medications.

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