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Power Generators for Construction Sites

July 7, 2022      

South Shore Generator - Power Generators for Construction Sites

If you are a construction contractor, the electricity you need to power all your equipment is not readily available. A renovation project needs electricity, but you do not have access to it. Portable generators are the best option. The size of a generator is different for different worksites.

Features of Construction Site Generator

  • Construction sites all over the world depend on generators, regardless of the time of year. Their durability and ability to withstand rough weather conditions make them perfect for use in all kinds of conditions.
  • The best generators for construction sites are the large stationary ones since they tend to be the most powerful. You can, however, use portable generators if you are constantly moving from one area to another.
  • Most construction site generators come in either three-phase or single-phase configurations and produce a wide range of power.
  • You can use the power generated all day long as they usually have a long run time. That allows for faster and more efficient work to be accomplished.
  • Most generators ideal for construction sites come with enclosed outlets, which ensure that harsh weather conditions, such as rain and snow, won't harm the generator.

Types of Power Generator

The type of generators used on construction sites can vary depending on where the generators are located. Numerous construction sites are ranging from bridges, houses, shops, schools, and train stations to large commercial buildings. The different generators will be required for each activity to use each activity's equipment and machinery.

Mini Backup

These units are ideal if you need to run two or three powerful tools simultaneously while handling many small tasks. As they are portable, they will take up little space in the office. This ranges from 1000W to 5500W generally.

Semi-Pro Generator

Contractors who use power tools frequently on their worksite and homeowners who require a backup power source can both use these units. A semi-professional generator has a more powerful engine, higher-quality components, and additional features that make it ideal for contractors. It usually ranges from 3500 watts to 10000 watts.

High Power Generator

This kind of equipment requires massive amounts of power, such as earth moving equipment, material handling machinery, and road laying machines, which can supply by high output generators. Usually, it is in the range of 2500 to 15000 watts.

Construction sites would benefit from these. Construction sites can present harsh conditions that many heavy-duty machines can withstand, even if they aren't as mobile as other models. A contractor can count on them to provide steady power for long shifts and have all the features he needs. You have several options to choose from in each category.

Portable Generator

These machines are small and portable. It is between 6 and 28 kW is typically the maximum power they provide. As well as being easier to handle and store, they're also less expensive. Portable generators are ideal for medium- and small-scale projects because of these characteristics. The total power available can be doubled by using parallel kits.

Back-Up Generator

Whenever another power source fails, you can use the backup generator. In the event of a power outage or a repair to the main power supply, it can act as a backup.

Mobile Generator

It is also possible to transport mobile generators, but they are much larger. Mobile generators can provide more power than portable generators. These generators are 8-2500 kW and are mounted on trailers. That is because portable generators are perfect for applications that don't require public transportation. It is durable, portable, often weatherproof, but requires a lot of space and is more expensive.

Uses of Power Generator

Electricity is needed to power the wide range of equipment and machinery used during construction. Construction workers are frequently unable to connect to the local electricity supply. Sometimes construction areas are usually located in remote areas where the grid cannot reach them or cannot provide them with continuous power. Electricity generation is very useful here since it provides much-needed energy.

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