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Portable Generators Make Your Home Safe And Winter Storm-Ready – Wareham, MA

January 6, 2017      

Generac Residential Standby Generator

Weather drives the majority of power outages around Massachusetts and winter is prime time for ice, snow, wind and freezing temperatures to create hazardous conditions that lead to utility power failures. Without proper preparation, winter storms can also have a significant impact on the family and the house itself. Generac Power Systems is making it easier to prepare for winter storms with a list of insightful readiness tips to help homeowners make their home safe and storm-ready.

Focus First On Emergency Power

Arranging for backup power is a key component in preparing for winter weather. Power loss can have a negative and cascading effect on the home that amplifies existing health and safety risks.

  1. Invest in a Generac Guardian series home standby generator to keep critical home systems running automatically in the event of a power outage. It is important to consult an expert when making your decision, such as an authorized Generac dealer, who is familiar with local electrical and building codes as well as product options to meet the homeowner's unique backup power needs.
  2. Consider a Generac portable generator if a permanent home standby generator is not an option. Next to a home standby generator, a portable generator is the best way to keep critical home systems and appliances up and running during a power outage.

Perform Outside Maintenance

Ice buildup is one of the most frequently occurring and potentially paralyzing winter storm hazards. The weight of ice can bring down power lines and tree limbs, causing widespread power outages. In fact, according to, only a ½ in. of ice can add 500 lb. to the weight of a tree branch, and a 2009 ice storm resulted in power outages affecting 1.3 million people. Additionally, roof and water damage can be costly but can be avoided by properly preparing the exterior of your home for harsh winter weather.

Powering Through The Storm

Preparing the home in advance for extreme winter weather is central to creating a safe and comfortable environment to ride it out. Generac Power Systems offers the broadest range of home backup generators that turn on automatically when utility power goes out, ensuring life goes on as usual despite dangerous power outages. For more information and detailed winter weather-related safety tips, visit South Shore Generator in Wareham, MA.


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