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Plan Ahead for Power Outages During National Preparedness Month

September 20, 2023      

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Rising number of severe weather events driving need for power outage plans

Generac Power Systems is observing National Preparedness Month in September by reminding people to plan ahead for power outages, as nationwide weather trends indicate a rising threat of power loss.

The growing impact of extreme weather has resulted in 15 billion-dollar weather disasters so far in 2023, the highest number recorded since 1980 during the same time period. Severe weather events can bring with them the dangerous possibility of power outages, leaving many households without essential access to electricity.

Power outages pose immense risk to safety and comfort, making backup power a cornerstone of a well thought out preparedness plan. Proactively planning for outages, instead of simply reacting in an emergency, is the best way to assure home and family comfort amid severe weather.

During National Preparedness Month, Generac encourages people to review their household power needs, identify the backup power solution that will best meet the demands of their home, and practice safely using their backup power source.

Generac makes backup power sources for any budget and living situation, from small inverter generators and portable power stations to whole home generators:

  • Portable Open Frame Generators can sustain a home continually during an outage and don’t require recharging, as they’re powered by gas, diesel or liquid propane. This option can support large household demands and can run for more than ten hours at 50% load, helping homeowners stay safe and comfortable when the power goes out. Portable generators must be run outdoors and far away from doors, windows, and vents to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Regular maintenance and monitoring of the oil and air filters will keep a portable generator ready for the next emergency.
  • Inverter Generators are more compact and efficient than classic portable generators, offering the ability to power up or down depending on demand. Durable and lightweight, inverters can be picked up and carried, making them a versatile option for providing power at home or work. Inverters feature an easy start function, with no need to pull a cord, and can provide over eight hours of power at 50% load. Inverter Generators also offer a Total Harmonic Distortion below 5%, making them generally suitable for a variety of sensitive electronics, tools, and appliances. Like other portable generators, inverters must be operated outside and far away from doors, windows, and vents for safety.
  • Battery-Powered Portable Power Stations are quiet, emission-free, and the easiest to transport due to their small size. Portable power stations don’t require fuel, and they offer the opportunity for indoor use, such as in apartments or condos. They can recharge from 0-80% in as little as two hours from a standard wall outlet, but also have the versatile ability to recharge through car, generator, or portable solar panels (available separately).
  • Home Standby Generators are permanently installed outside the home and automatically kick in during a power outage, delivering seamless power to the whole home. They offer convenience, comfort, and confidence, ensuring the ability to maintain typical lifestyle patterns during an outage.

In addition to early preparation, homeowners and business owners should stay informed of local power outages. Generac’s free tool Power Outage Central aggregates utility outage data nationwide into a single, easy-to-use interface, making it simple to see the impacts of power outages on a local and statewide scale in near real time.


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