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Interests Rises for Stand-By Generators During Coronavirus Pandemic

- Tuesday, March 24, 2020
South Shore Generators - Wareham, Boston, MA

As the country continues to face the consistent spread of the coronavirus, Generac has seen increased interest in its stand-by generator market.

The generator manufacturer always had interest from people who work from home regularly.

That’s always been a concern for people who have home offices. That may potentially impact their livelihood.

With the increasing number of adults working from home or children learning at home with virtual classrooms, Generac has seen more calls and noticed a higher interest level in its products.

People who had been thinking about purchasing a generator over the last 12 months are now calling Generac more and asking more questions about pricing and availability.

Two other large areas of interest for the company include the healthcare industry, which has always been a big sector for Generac. Because of regulations, all hospitals are equipped with generators. In the last few years, more critical care facilities have also been equipped with generator systems.

The telecommunications industry is another growing sector.

Your cell phone signal is your entire lifeline. Your life is in your phone today. We have critical communications.

Because wireless communication is considered a critical infrastructure or critical utility to most people, Generac is always working to make sure telecommunications companies are equipped with backup power so that cell phone towers won’t go dark.

A bigger issue for businesses is financial implications.

To put your business, your company in a strong financial position, with the right contingency plan, contact South Shore Generator in Wareham, MA.

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