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Five Reasons You Need a Generator

January 6, 2023      

South Shore Generators - Home Generator

There’s no getting around it: Adding a generator to your home is a significant investment.

Buffalo, NY was a great, but terrible example of what can happen when winter hits with a vengeance.

Needless to say, you want to make sure the benefits of a standby generator justify its cost.

To help you make your decision, we’ll explain five solid reasons why a Buffalo homeowner should have a generator in their home:

  • You’re Tired of Being Stuck Without Power
  • Your Job Requires You to Be Connected At All Times
  • You (Or Someone in Your Family) Relies on Medical Equipment
  • You Have a Sump Pump
  • You Want to Increase the Value of Your Home
  • Want a Buffalo pro to help you find the right standby generator for your home? Call Roy’s PowerWorx at 716-218-1106 or schedule an appointment online today.

You’re Tired of Being Stuck Without Power

Power outages are common throughout the Northeast. They can be caused by anything from weather-related incidents such as nor’easters to human error to even squirrels.

No matter the cause, power outages are unexpected and sudden. If you’re tired of being caught off guard every time the power goes out, you may want to consider a whole-home generator for your home.

If you acquire a whole-home generator powered by natural gas, you won’t need to rely on power from the electrical grid to operate it. When the grid goes down, the standby generator will automatically turn on to power your home’s appliances, and it will run for as long as fuel is coming through the gas lines.

Using a generator as a standby power source allows you to preserve refrigerated food, use electrical appliances, and keep your home at a comfortable temperature during an outage. The generator will shut off once your electricity returns, and then all of your household appliances will resume their regular operation.

Your Job Requires You to Be Connected At All Times

With more and more people working from home, the need to stay connected to the Internet during the day is more important than ever.

If the power goes out, so does your productivity for the day. That means pushing back deadlines, having to stall communication with clients or coworkers, and wasting valuable work hours.

However, with a whole-home generator, your router and modem stay powered during an outage. You’ll stay connected to the Internet and can continue working even if power is out in your area.

You (Or Someone in Your Family) Relies on Medical Equipment

If someone in your home relies on medical equipment, a whole-home generator may be essential.

You see, some power outages last for several hours. Others can even last for days. It may be challenging to reach health care facilities in an emergency, making a whole-home generator a reliable solution to keep you or your loved one safe and healthy until power returns.

Examples of medical equipment that a standby generator can power include:

  • Breathing machines (e.g., respirators or ventilators)
  • Mobile devices (power wheelchairs and scooters)
  • Stairlifts or hospital beds
  • Suction or home dialysis equipment
  • Refrigerator for medications
  • You Have a Sump Pump

If you have a sump pump, we highly recommend a standby generator to ensure it operates smoothly if the power goes out.

Here’s why: Sump pumps prevent flooding by pumping water away from your home. If the sump pump loses power, water can quickly flood your home, leading to a huge mess and possible structural damage.

A standby generator can power a sump pump so that it runs even when your home does not have any electrical power, which will help your home stay protected during a storm.

You Want to Increase the Value of Your Home

If you’re looking for ways to boost the value of your home, you may want to consider installing a whole-home generator. According to Consumer Reports, adding a whole-home generator can increase your home’s value by an estimated three to five percent.

Besides the benefit of a higher home value, adding a whole-home generator may also reduce your insurance premium by as much as five percent.

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