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COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Center Relies on Generac Industrial Power for Critical Backup Power

April 22, 2021      

South Shore Generators - Covid-19 Distribution Centers Relies on Generac

“The COVID-19 vaccine is a matter of life and death and Generac Industrial Power is proud to be the trusted backup power provider for a critical vaccine distribution center.”

Many drug companies have developed vaccines that could help combat the pandemic that has touched lives across the globe. Some of the vaccines require special refrigeration, and reliable and redundant power is imperative. If the facilities that are storing these vaccines were to be without power, every vial of the vaccine stored there, would no longer be viable, meaning people all over the United States would not have access to the potentially life-saving vaccine. To ensure one facility would have power at all times, they enlisted the help of Generac Industrial Power.

“The facility needed to ensure power to the freezers would always be operational,” said Dan Barich, Vice President Global Operations, Generac Industrial Power. “They needed two 1 MW diesel generators to safeguard the system and they needed them quick.” Barich said the team expedited production to complete the project within two weeks. “Our team recognized the urgency and importance of this project and we were able to prioritize the order as all shifts at our Oshkosh manufacturing facility worked around-the-clock to get the units built, tested and out the door,” he said.

“Redundant power generation is simply more reliable than single engine generator solutions,” said Richard Lincoln, Senior Director Global Product Management, Generac Industrial Power. “With multiple generators on call, redundancy is built-in and reliability is increased because one generator backs up the other.”

Due to the high kW application, and the need for onsite fuel storage, it was imperative to utilize diesel-fueled generators. To provide the best possible diesel-fueled solutions, Generac specifies diesel engines proven in real-world applications under adverse conditions. They are designed for easy maintenance, extreme endurance and impurities in the fuel.

“The Oshkosh Team is incredibly proud to know the work we are doing is making such a profound impact on the fight against COVID-19. All our families have been impacted by the pandemic and this is a great opportunity to be part of a solution,” said Barich.

“When we come together as a team like this, we can see what we are truly capable of when working together toward a common goal.” The impacts of COVID-19 have been felt globally and the virus has left its mark on every citizen in one way or another. With some relying on this vaccine, it was imperative to work with a reliable partner.

“Generac has always taken pride in helping our communities during their darkest times,” said Wilde. “The year 2020 has thrown many challenges our way and it is difficult to understand the true impact this pandemic has had on every person. I am very proud of our team for designing, engineering and building the most reliable and durable product that is up to the task of making sure a useable vaccine can be delivered. This project highlights what we stand for as a company and that our products really do make the world safer.”

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