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2016 Hurricane Predictions – Have a Plan and Be Prepared with Back-Up Power Generators – Wareham, MA

June 16, 2016      

According to the NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, the current El Niño is dissipating and forecasts favor a 70% likelihood that La Niña – which favors hurricane activity – will peak in August through October. Of the 10 to 16 named storms this year, the NOAA predicts 4 to 8 of these storms could become a hurricane.

“While seasonal forecasts may vary from year to year – some high, some low – it only takes one storm to significantly disrupt your life,” stated FEMA Deputy Administrator Joseph Nimmich. Preparing for the worst can keep you, your family, and first responders out of harm’s way.”

Create A Disaster Recovery Plan - Sometimes you have to plan for more than yourself. Develop a communication and logistics plan that includes pets and loved ones. In the event of severe weather, you can easily coordinate secure meeting points, identify safe rooms in your home, and organize an alternative, temporary residence.

Prepare Your ‘To Do’ List - Plan now for later. In the thick of chaos, it is hard to remember everything that needs to get done. Create your checklist in advance, and keep it handy.

Survival Packs - Remember access to food, running water and power will be limited-to-none after a hurricane. Think through the impact this will have on you and your family, and stock up on the essentials.

Emergency News - In case the power goes out, plan the resources you will need ahead of time to get your emergency news updates. Keep an emergency contact list and have a battery operated radio on hand. Know best escape routes in your area and prepare a contact list of neighbors with medical training. It may come in handy.

Don’t Wait - If an evacuation order has been issued, don’t wait until it’s too late. Always be open to the fact you might have to leave. Know where the nearest safety shelter is located, and give yourself time to travel (24 to 36 hours). Be off the highway when the storm strikes.

Contact South Shore Generator in Wareham for information on back-up generators to prevent power loss during Hurricane Season.


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