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South Shore Generator Sales & Service Blog - Wareham, MA

Professional Grade Portable Generators for The Jobsite

- Monday, January 25, 2021
South Shore Generator in Wareham and Boston - Portable Generator

Unforgiving jobs sites require a lot of power. They need a well-built professional grade generator to supply that. Generac PRO XC and XD series of portable generators give you that. Each unit is engineered to ensure anything a job site can dish out.


Best in class engine powered XC Professional Series portable generators are engineered for contractors and construction sites.

  • 426cc G-Force engine
  • Oversized touchpoint buttons
  • Steel lifting pocket
  • 12-guage steel tube X frame

The XC portable generators are built for durability, reliability and servicability. Covered outlets protect the control panel from all elements. Idle control conserves fuel and reduces noise


The XD Series is a rugged, professional grade portable generator offers premium features. Making them ideal for jobsites and agricultural applications.

  • 32 hours of runtime
  • Fully welded 1.25-inch steel frame
  • Integrated lifting eye
  • Yammar LW Series 435CC industrial grade diesel engine

Easily transport our heavy duty portable generator with an integrated lifting eye. Idle control conserves the diesel engine and reduces noise. An hour meter tracks maintenance intervals for a longer lifetime.

For more information, contact South Shore Generator in Wareham, MA.


Generac Mobile’s Gaseous Generators

- Monday, January 18, 2021

This gaseaous mobile generatro by Generac can be run on all different kinds of mixtures, from almost pure natural gas to what is considered pure propane.

For more information, contact South Shore Generator in Wareham, MA.

Why Generac Mobile’s Gaseous Power?

- Monday, January 11, 2021
South Shore Generator in Wareham, MA

Cost Savings

Natural Gas is becoming the industry standard; known for its easy and economical usage. Generac Mobile’s Gaseous Generators give you reliability, reduced fuel costs, and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Innovative Technology

Our gaseous generators provide cost-effective power by tapping into the plentiful supply of wellhead gas. Our controllers allow you to program when your generator will start and stop, optimizing your fuel and run times.

Service & Support

Our skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable Technical Support and Service Teams are with you every step of the way. This partnership gives you answers, solutions, and peace of mind.

Versatile. Sustainable. Economical. Scalable.

  • Operates on Natural Gas, Liquid Propane or Wellhead Gas.
  • Instead of flaring, harness wellhead gas to power operations on-site. Natural Gas and Liquid Propane provide low carbon emissions for a cleaner environment.
  • Tap into wellhead gas for the most cost-effective fuel source available. It is right where you need it: on location. With the flexible fuel options all in one unit, you will be able to support what the site requires.
  • Operate one unit, or parallel up to 32 units for ultimate flexibility and scalability.

For more information, contact South Shore Generator in Wareham, MA.

Mobile Generators: Why Choose Flameless Heat

- Tuesday, January 05, 2021
South Shore Generators - Generac Webinar

There are choices when it comes to heating a job site, but not all heaters are the same. And in some applications, such as oil and gas production, some heaters are not safe to use. Join the technical experts at Generac Mobile for this free webinar to learn more.

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