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KD Series Industrial Generators Are Built for Critical Jobs

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 29, 2017
South Shore Generators - Kohler KD Series Industrial Generators


With almost a century of engineering know-how behind it, our G-Drive engines are built with an eye on the future – designed to last for decades to come. KOHLER engineers, tests and fits every single component. And our computer-aided quality-management system oversees every step of development, from the first stage of production through the engine’s entire lifecycle, to ensure the highest level of quality.


Created specifically for generator set applications, our G-Drive engines combine greater power with superior efficiency.

Reaching up to 43.5 kW/liter, KOHLER® G-Drive engines pair a compact engine form factor with unrivaled kW displacement—delivering the highest power density on the market*. All KOHLER generators meet tough industry testing and quality standards (UL2200, CSA, NFPA).


The KOHLER G-Drive engine runs smoothly, quietly and with low vibration—even under extreme operating conditions—extending service life and delivering cost-effective performance. ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE

The KOHLER G-Drive diesel engine’s architecture, injection system and engine management have been designed to achieve optimal generator set performance.


The common rail fuel system generates up to 2200-bar injection pressures for maximum efficiency, optimizing the combustion pressure curve through multiple injections. This produces industry-leading kW displacement in a package that enables a smaller generator set footprint while delivering the best fuel consumption at more nodes than any competitor between 800 kW and 2500 kW.


A modular system allows us to scale the number of components depending on the power required. Using standard components means fewer parts must be stocked in the field, and operators require less training. This reduces costs and improves response time.


KD Series generators feature integrated controls for seamless communication and offer remote monitoring through a VPN connection. Easy-access bearing lube points, coolant level optical gauges on both circuits and oil replenishment systems help ensure the generator runs optimally and is easy to maintain.

For more information on industrial generators, contact South Shore Generator.

Source: kdseries.com

Portable Generators Keep Your Home Functioning During Cold Weather Emergencies – Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Kohler Portable Generator

With much of the country bracing for blistering cold temperatures and continued winter storms, now is the time for homeowners to ensure they are prepared for power loss this winter.

Severe weather is the single leading cause of power outages in the United States. Don't wait until it's too late to protect your home and family. In addition to these helpful power outage hacks, it's also important to consider the ultimate backup plan for your home – a standby generator. Generator manufacturers like Kohler produce a variety of home standby generator models, as well as portable and commercial options depending on your needs. To learn more about backup power options, sizing and costs, visit South Shore Generator.

A global force in power solutions since 1920, Kohler is committed to reliable, leading-edge products and comprehensive support. The company provides complete power systems, including generators (portable, residential, industrial, and marine), automatic transfer switches, switchgear, monitoring controls, and accessories for emergency, prime power and energy-management applications.

For more information on finding the right portable generator to keep your home running all winter long, contact South Shore Generator in Wareham, MA.

Source: prnewswire.com

Kohler Announces New Large Diesel Generators – Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, November 14, 2016

Six new engines to power new large Kohler and SDMO generator set line

After a gestation period of more than eight years, a new line of generator drive diesel engines has been announced by Kohler Power Systems. The new engines will power the new KD range of Kohler and Kohler-SDMO branded diesel industrial generators.

The new KD series of gen-sets were launched in conjunction with the new engines. The new KD gen-sets will be phased-in in nodes between 800 kVA and 4200 kVA in both 50 Hz and 60 Hz configurations.

“We’re pleased to be integrating a premium new engine into these generators that combines a compact footprint with unrivaled power density,” said Tom Cromwell, group president – power for Kohler.

The engines will be branded Kohler, with new branding and a black engine color scheme for the Kohler sets. A variation of the engines have been introduced and are being used by Liebherr in its mining equipment.

However, beyond the blocks, the G-drive versions are substantially different. Kohler will have exclusive rights to these engines for the gen-set market and that will include aftersales product and support solely through the Kohler distribution network.

In total, there will be six diesel engines within the new line, which deliver between 950 and 4838 hp (709 and 3608 kW) standby power at 50 Hz and between 1200 and 5700 hp (891 and 4250 kW) standby power at 60 Hz.

The new diesel engine line (there may eventually by gaseous-fueled models as well) is divided into two series — the 135 series and the 175 series, both utilizing three engines.

The 135 series includes the KD27V12, a 12-cylinder engine with a 135 mm bore and 27 L displacement; the KD36V16, a 16-cylinder unit with a 135 mm bore and 36 L displacement; and the KD45V20, a 20-cylinder engine with a 135 mm bore and 45 L displacement.

The new Liebherr-built 135 series diesel engines to be used by Kohler and SDMO includes the KD27V12, a 12-cylinder engine with a 135 mm bore and 27 L displacement.

The new Liebherr-built 135 series diesel engines to be used by Kohler and SDMO includes the KD27V12, a 12-cylinder engine with a 135 mm bore and 27 L displacement.

The 175 series also includes three engines: the KD62V12, a 12-cylinder with a 175 mm bore and 62.4 L displacement; the KD83V16, a 16-cylinder with a 175 mm bore and 82.72 L displacement; and the KD103V20, a 20-cylinder with a 175 mm bore and 103.40 L displacement.

The new KD Series generator sets will be available in nodes between 800 kVA and 4200 kVA. The generators will be available globally under the Kohler and Kohler-SDMO brands.

Targeted applications for the new generator sets include data centers, healthcare, water treatment, oil and gas, telecommunications and mining. The new units are designed to meet global emissions regulations and are customizable for specific application requirements.

For more information on large diesel generators, contact South Shore Generator in Wareham, MA.

Source: dieselgasturbine.com

New Large Diesel Industrial Generator Line from Kohler – Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, November 07, 2016

Kohler recently unveiled an all-new range of large diesel industrial generators. The company's new KD Series includes generator sets in nodes between 800 kVA and 4200 kVA, which are powered by an entirely new line of G-Drive engines. The generators will be available globally and are designed to deliver extreme durability and ultimate reliability in a variety of emergency and prime applications. Targeted industries include: data centers, healthcare, water treatment, oil and gas, telecommunications, mining, and more.

This is an exciting and transformational product launch. Kohler is very pleased to be rolling out this new line of generators and expect a strong response to these advanced new gensets that will offer beneficial cost savings and unrivaled performance to our customers around the globe.

Users of the new KD Series generators will find cost savings because the line delivers the best fuel consumption at more nodes than any other competitor between 800 kW and 2500 kW. The new generators are designed to meet global emissions regulations and are highly customizable to match an end user's specific requirements. Multiple options are available to ensure optimal performance for the most demanding applications.

Products are designed for high ambient temperature conditions. Thanks to high technology regulation and monitoring control systems on each component, the KD series offers a very high power quality and best transient response in compliance with the most stringent regulations standards.

These generators are powered by new state-of-the-art G-Drive engines, which were developed to provide outstanding power density and complete dependability in the field. Plus, because these are fully-integrated Kohler generators, they include a comprehensive global three-year warranty.

When service is needed, Kohler has a global dealer and distribution infrastructure consisting of more than 800 facilities offering 24/7 parts availability. Distributor technicians are factory-trained to provide fast and accurate assistance and have expertise in power specifications, equipment integration, and more.

For more information on diesel industrial generators, contact South Shore Generator in Wareham, MA.

source: prnewswire.com

Kohler Generators Service and Maintenance FAQs - Wareham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 29, 2016

Q. How long can my generator run before I need to check the oil?
A. We recommend checking the oil level after every 8-24 hours of operation, depending on the size and model of the generator. Oil change and filter change frequency and other routine maintenance varies per model, especially during periods of extended power outage. Check the Operation Manual included with your generator for a complete list of required maintenance procedures and schedules.

Q. How do I check the engine oil?
A. (1) Power off the generator and let the engine sit for two minutes to settle the oil. Pull the dipstick from the back of the engine and wipe with a clean rag. Insert the dipstick back into the dipstick tube and pull it out. Note the crosshatching on the end of the dipstick, from “F” (Full) to “L” (Low), and see where the oil level falls. Add oil if the dipstick indicates that the oil level is low.
(2) Locate the yellow oil-access cap on the front of the engine (look for the oil can icon). Add a few ounces of oil, then recheck the oil level by inserting and removing the dipstick. Add oil until the level is near “F.” Do not overfill the engine.
(3) When you’re finished adding oil, make sure the dipstick and oil access cap are securely in place. Push the AUTO button to place the generator back in standby mode. If the utility power is still out, the generator will start within three seconds. After the generator starts, move the circuit breaker to the ON position so the generator is now supplying power to the house.

Q. Where is the oil dipstick?
A. The dipstick has a bright yellow ring attached to the end. The location varies by generator, but it's typically noticeable as soon as you open the access panel or hood.

Q. What type of oil should I use in my generator?
A. Your generator ships with Mobile 1 5W30 full-synthetic oil, which is the oil Kohler recommendeds. Although a synthetic blend may be used, our recommendation is full-synthetic oil. However, if you know that the oil has been changed out to conventional oil, then use only conventional oil from that point on. Do not mix synthetic oil with conventional oil.

Q. How much oil does a generator normally use?
A. The amount varies and depends on engine model, length of time since the last oil change, amount of power the generator is produceing and length of the power outage. Check the Operation Manual included with your generator for a complete list of required maintenance procedures and schedules.

Q. What should I do if the generator is submerged in water?
A. Water and electricity are a very dangerous mix. If you can safely access it, power off the generator. (See How do I manually "power off" the generator set?) If it continues to run when submerged, internal damage to both engine and generator will be significant. If you can't safely access the generator or the main-line disconnect, do not make any attempt to turn it off.

Q. How do I register my generator's warranty protection?
A. To register your warranty, have a South Shore Generaror technician complete a post-installation Warranty Start-Up at your home. Then, instead of your warranty beginning on the day the generator is purchased, it begins on the day your service technician submits your generator system's details to the Warranty Start-Up program. The technician completes a checklist, makes sure the system is properly installed, and enters all necessary information onto the Kohler Warranty site. This moves the warranty start date to the day your generator is installed, instead of the date it left the factory.

For more information contact South Shore Generaror.

Source: www.kohlergenerators.com


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